Friday, April 20, 2012

Worshipping Murugan in right way!

Murugan is the God who is very powerful to reduce the rahu graha dosha. Worshipping Murgan properly is one of the best ways to get rid of the
fangs of rahu. Kala sarpa dosha is also similarly associated and only proper worship of murugan, velayudhan, kumara swamy call by any name
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A photo like this of 30inches X40 inches should be there.

murugan photo to worshiphe alone can save you . I saw many people who worshipped murugan , properly and got rid of the greatest danger from
rahu, like loosing sons, parents, accidents,loss of money, theft, mental depression etc.
I mention here many times proper worhsip. just chanting mantras and simple namaskaras may not bring enough grace of murugan to us to
get rid of our abundant karma effect. I will explain how to worship and get his grace, as these are the methods time tested
and obtained from my gurus. First get a very good, impressive big photo graph of murugan. here i found a good , beautiful photo. get it from
amazon and install in your room. then follow the things i prescribe relegiously. I assure the grand results which i got
and which i am enjoying now.. i know many friends and relatives who followed this path and saved from miseries.


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