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Worshipping Murugan in right way!

Murugan is the God who is very powerful to reduce the rahu graha dosha. Worshipping Murgan properly is one of the best ways to get rid of the
fangs of rahu. Kala sarpa dosha is also similarly associated and only proper worship of murugan, velayudhan, kumara swamy call by any name
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A photo like this of 30inches X40 inches should be there.

murugan photo to worshiphe alone can save you . I saw many people who worshipped murugan , properly and got rid of the greatest danger from
rahu, like loosing sons, parents, accidents,loss of money, theft, mental depression etc.
I mention here many times proper worhsip. just chanting mantras and simple namaskaras may not bring enough grace of murugan to us to
get rid of our abundant karma effect. I will explain how to worship and get his grace, as these are the methods time tested
and obtained from my gurus. First get a very good, impressive big photo graph of murugan. here i found a good , beautiful photo. get it from
amazon and install in your room. then follow the things i prescribe relegiously. I assure the grand results which i got
and which i am enjoying now.. i know many friends and relatives who followed this path and saved from miseries.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Tiruttani murugan

murugan photo tiruttani muruga
Lord Murugan is a special God with special powers. By worshipping lord murugn (muruga)with deep devotion, faith,bhakti all the troubles and difficulties in ones' life vanish
and good days start appearing .Lord murugan is also called subrahmanyeswara, subrahmanya, skanda,senthil, is our direct appearing God.
murugan is pelased easily also.


Tiruchendur murugan

lord murugan from tiruchendur temple
Many people undergo to difficulties, troubles in life sometimes.Employment troubles, job insecurity, troubles in job,business problems, indecision between job and business,losses in business,etc. some more problems would be about not getting married, sickness, health troubles, and psychological problems.
Loans, debts and long term diseases also other troubles. Lord murugan worship heals all these and shows ray of light in our life.
People with problem for want of offsprings, troubles from enemies and poverty also should resort to subrahmaneyeswara. If sri subrahmanyeswara astottaram is read
with faith, by worshipping regularly these troubles get mitigated and lessened.


Palani Murugan

palani temple murugan photo
People in politics would get benefit from murugan worship by getting good position or top positions.
Rules in murugan worship: Every stotra will have rishi, chandas, god, beeja,sakthi, keelakam, which are six in number. These may not be ignored . These should be recited properly. Anganyasa and karanyasa can be done with the help of guru. If we do not know anganyasa , karanyasa , we may ignore in these days. when we recite the mantra with all the above rishi etc, the
effect would be quick and clear.


Murugan-Ravi varma painting

murugan with wives devasena from ravi varma paintings
If you just worship this lord murugan with bhakti or faith, you may ignore all the
above. However, the faith should be strong. As the nectar cleanses our body from all poisons, the worship cleanses our physical and other bodies from defeciencies and sins and makes our life beautiful. we will definitely get peace out of this worship.
There is a specified number to recite the mantra or stotra for getting the results. we should faithfully and perseverently recite this so many number of times and then only the effect would be visible.

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lord murugan blessings

lord murugan in blessing form
Forms of subramanya: some worship subramanya in a god form with sulam or spear and some worship Him as a big serpent.Some others worship murugan in a boy form which is called bala muruga.Any form is ok and we have to worship a photo or idol. idol in our house while we worship should not be bigger than the size of your thumb. If it is bigger, that idol needs more pujas or worships.


lord murugan in malaysia batu caves

malaysia temple murugan photo
Murugan likings, preferences: Murugan God is pleased when we worship Him on tuesdays, and on shasti thithis. Six is the number associated with murugan. In tamilnadu, all the suddha shastis are worshipped relegiously for murugan Haromhara mantra will be shouted often. Some tantriks worship this skanda on chavithi thithis.


lord murugan muruga lord muruga murugan temple
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